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Amanda Booth


Born in Surrey, uk  1963

I studied Fine art at Epsom School of Art and Design.

I went on to become a chef and the pinnacle of that career was to be a Head Chef for Pru Lieth.

I then went on to become a qualified Landscape Designer, working with Rosemary Alexander from the Chelsea Physic Garden , at a large estate in Sussex. After completing my diploma in interior design I then combined the outside with the inside.

In 2006 I purchased a reasonable camera and from then on I have enjoyed capturing moments of colour and light from my love of beaches, water, nature, and people from all around the world.


I recently won the British Airways 'Inspire me' award 2015. I have had my work published on the Piccadilly bill board, in the Evening Standard, Sport Magazine, and at various tube station.



'OMG Amanda,me and the misses had tears galore, thank you so much for the album'...

Angie Richard-McGowan


You've done an absolutly amazing job, and we truly love all the photos and will cherish them forever'...

Marika Knowlton.


'Love it, bought two!'

Michelle Scott-wouters






For information on sales, commissions or weddings contact me on...



Any photograhic or digital image on this website is the copyrighted work of Amanda Booth.

The photograhic images on this site are for viewing only.Please contact me if you require an image (fees by arrangement).

You MAY NOT use the photographic images in the following ways:

To produce colour seperations.

To produce or compile CD ROM materials.

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This is a legal agreement made between you, the user, and myself (Amanda Booth)  and govern how you may use the images contained in this website.

In CONSIDERATION of myself allowing you to use the images on this website, in the manor permitted by this agreement.


You accept that all copyrights and all rights of a propriety nature and tittle to, and in, the photograhic images and data are the property of Amanda Booth.

You may not use the photographic images and data in such a way as to alter, add  to, insert,impose or in any other way distort, amend, or use the photographic images or data in any form other than in the form originally contained in this website.

It is STRICTLY PROHIBITED to use the photographic images in any way which could be regarded as obscene, derogatory, defamatory, blasphemous, or pornographic. 

The user accepts that the limited licence to use the photographic works conferred by this Agreement is non transferable to other parties. The user shall compensate myself from all and any actions, proceedings, claims, demands, costs including any legal costs, awards or damages arising either directly or indirectly as a result of the use or misuse of the photographic images and data on this website, and or arising as a result of the breach of any terms of this Agreement by the user, no matter where such claims, demands or proceedings arise..


©All images copyrighted Amanda Booth 




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